New Honda City Diesel price, features compared with Verna and Vento

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Indian automobile sector experienced a flurry of activities with the launch of the new model from Honda, the latest Honda City diesel version. The car is going to be available for sale in the January, next year. This car is being seen as competing with other players Vento and Verna from Volkswagen and Hyundai respectively. Potential customers will surely compare these three options before making up their minds for purchase.


Fuel Efficiency
Though, new model from Honda has been well received all over the world, other players available in the market are poise to offer a stiff competition to this latest entrant. Even when Honda lacked a diesel engine, it was able to sell more than three thousand units every month in the year just about to get over. This is quite an encouragement for the car makers. With diesel option available, they are foreseeing a bright future. As far as engine of this car is considered, the same engine that is seen in Amaze can be found. A little alteration in performance is expected with 200 Nm torque and 98bhp power. Vento on the other hand has 1.6 l engine that offers 250Nm torque and 103 bhp. Verna wins hands down in this regard with 1-6 liter oil burner producing 260Nm torque and 126 bhp power. Honda has made claims regarding increased fuel efficiency in its latest launch.


If we talk about exteriors of these three cars, the latest Honda City is expected to have better design as it is the most recent upgradations. With a length of 4.44 m, it is a tad bigger than Verna with 4.43 m 4.38 m length in Vento. Thus, City has better interior space and larger wheelbase. The design of City can be considered as something between Veto and Verna. It is neither too simple as Vento nor too edgy or aggressive like Verna.
The design of the city has been changed coinciding with “Exciting H design” similar to what we have seen in Fit or Jazz. Minimal budging has always been seen in Volkswagen and the same approach has also been seen in Verna that is known for its fluidic design.

In earlier models, Honda was not meeting expectations as far as interiors of a car are concerned but in the latest model, Honda has offered a bevy of features like music system, cruise control etc and tried to match other competitors in the market.

With Honda all set to price the car around Rs 8.75 lakh, it is believed that this car is far more pleasing looking at the trust and belief in the brand.

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