Best car in the 3-4 lakhs range India

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Lot of options are available in the 3-4 Lakh price range of cars in India

Reduced prices of cars have brought them within reach of a wide consumer mass. A new class of consumers buying cars has been created in past few years with the launch of highly affordable cars. This has made car manufacturers to sit back and take this segment seriously. As a result, more and more companies are coming with cost effective cars in the Indian automobile sector. Some best options available in a range of 3-4 Lakh are:


Maruti Alto 800


This car is available in a price band of Rs 2.46 Lakh and Rs 3.62 Lakh. Considered to be one of the most prominent options in the small cars segment, this car has helped a lot of customers to fulfill the dream of owning a car. More than 2.8 million units have been sold by the company all across the country. Because of BSIV engine’s unavailability, this car has been phased out from several metro cities but in rural areas and towns, this car is still going strong.



Hyundai Santro

This popular option is available at Rs 3.06 Lakh to Rs 4.35 Lakh. This car has been radically styled to match customer expectations. It is still undergoing a lot of changes, facelifts and styling to appeal to the mass consumers looking for an affordable car option. This car is powered by 1086 cc engine. It comes in 5 speed manual transmission with a seating capacity of five people.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

This option from the house of Maruti Suzuki is available in a price band of Rs 3.09 Lakh to Rs 4.12 Lakh. It comes with well known features that are commonly seen in all cars from Maruti. Known for fuel efficiency, the car is nice looking with stylish interiors. This car has gained popularity as family commuter vehicle. It is available in 5-7 seating capacity. 1196 cc engine powers this car.

Chevrolet Spark

This option from the house of General Motors is available in a price band of Rs 3.47 Lakh to Rs 4.16 Lakh. This car competes with all the above mentioned cars and come with exciting features and specifications. The car is attractive and appealing with stylish interiors. This car has gained popularity as a global model. 995 cc engine powers this car. With five people’s seating capacity the car comes with manual as well as power steering. This is an amazing option as far as affordably prices car options are concerned.


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