Audi A3 all set to be launched at the Auto Expo 2014

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The Audi A3 sedan has revolutionized the segment with its perfect combination of price and features. The car superbly blends the features into one place and this makes this even more appealing to the buyers in this segment. This is the reason why the car has performed well in terms of sales in comparison to BMW 1 Series and Mercedes Benz A Class and Mercedes Benz B Class.


As per the reports, the car is soon to have its new version. The new model of the car will be showcased at the Indian Auto Expo in February next year. The reason why this car will be the centre of attraction at the Auto event because it is one of the best selling cars by Audi and a new model will act as a sales boost. This car is also going to prove as a mass sales puller and very crucial to the car maker as it has the potential to be the best selling car. Besides this, this car could also prove to be a crucial stepping stone in making Audi as the best selling premium car maker in the county.


The new Audi A3 is expected to take a new price tag. As per the guesses, it will have a price somewhere between Rs 20 lakh to Rs 25 lakh and if it is positioned near to Rs 20 lakh expect large number of bookings coming in right on the launch day itself. The car will copy the engine and transmission but a lot of design changes are in the offing including a complete makeover of the front and high level of facelift of the rear of the car. New infotainment system as well as dynamics are also in the offing.

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