Toyota Camry is a safe car: IIHS

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WORLD: Recently Toyota, a prominent name in the field of automobile industry suffered a lot of embarrassment pertaining to quality issues reflected in its product line. After this black blot on the name of this company, a lot of steps were taken to tackle these issues and restore faith among their loyal customers. Consumer reports have recently restored faith in this brand by recommending a rating for Camry, flagship sedan from Toyota. This recommended rating came 2 months after a year ago, news about disappointing crash results surfaced and the rating was pulled away by an influential magazine.


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

This month, the soon to be released Camry underwent retesting by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It was reflected that the rating of this car was increased from poor to an acceptable range in the test procedure of IIHS. As per this rating, Camry from Toyota as one of the top pick as far as safety issues are concerned. Consumer reports have reported that they were reinstating ratings of this car on the basis of performance of this car in the newest small frontal overlap test conducted by IIHS. The designing of this procedure has been done for emulating a collision in which vehicle’s front corner and a large object or another car was involved.


Trust for Consumer Reports

There is a lot of trust on these consumer reports and potential car buyers place a lot of faith in the findings of this report. Recommended ratings of this car is one of the most coveted expectations of every automobile manufacturer. A non-profit group, this institute receives funding from insurance companies. Rigors and complexities of this test was enhanced last year by the institute. This resulted in accurate results from the test. Cars recommended by this magazine are always relied upon by the potential car buyers.


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