Top 5 things to consider when purchasing a new car

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Freebies and fabulous discounts are being offered by automobile manufacturers to motivate potential customers planning to buy a car. There are several things that needs to be considered before buying a car as they may help in making an effective purchase.


Inventory clearance

As the New Year is about to roll in, majority of car manufacturers are planning to clear their inventories before new models are launched and prices are hiked in 2014, January. If a car is being purchased right now, the registration date of the vehicle will be 2013, December and in a matter of just few days, it will be considered as an old model. In case, a customer is planning to drive this model for the next seven to eight years, this will have no impact on his buying decision but if he plans to change car in just a couple of years, the date of registration will have a lot of impact. After 2-3 years, the price fetched by this car will be lower in comparison to the car being driven for 7-8 years.

Volkswagen Vento

Buy car model as per your pocket

Though, bigger is the car, more are the discounts being offered but one must buy a car that is well within his means. The car price should not be more than 60 percent of the annual income of the purchaser.

Offers must be closely considered

Consider discounts and freebies offered by the company closely. Consider cash discounts instead of accessories or any other freebies offered.

No claim bonus to be transferred

It is very important to transfer no-claims bonus to another vehicle so that new car’s insurance cost is lowered significantly.

Diesel, CNG or petrol

Select variant of the car according to fuel efficiency. If cost of fuel is not a problem, one can select any car- CNG, diesel or petrol variants.

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