Ford EcoSport DC Design adds more fun to the urban SUV

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EcoSport by Ford is gaining rave reviews and this car is selling like hot cakes. The major strength behind this success story is considered to be its design elements. This fuel efficient SUV comes with a robust character, easy maneuverability, high driving position and unique features. All these aspects make this car one of the most promising options available today in the Indian automobile market. 

ford-ecosport DC

DC Design

An inclusive cosmetic package has been introduced by DC Design for the most popular and promising Ford EcoSport, a compact SUV available in India. Not only interiors but also exteriors of the car has been improved and enhanced in its appearance due to inclusion of these elements. EcoSport has been modified and its front façade features bumper that has been redesigned with LED lights that run during the day and new headlights. The car also sports larger grille thereby enhancing its outer looks. On seats, door trims and dashboard, beige finish has been given thereby making interiors of the car far more appealing. Passenger seat at the front can be folded thereby providing enhanced space for the passengers sitting at the rear. Car’s seating layout has also been changed. Now, rather than 2+3 sitting layout, the car offers 2+2 configuration. This cange in seat configuration allows more space to the passengers providing them comfortable sitting and appropriate leg space. 

Ford Ecosport DC Design Interiors


The seats at the rear are operated electrically. New backrest has also been added to the car which can be reclined. Additional AC unit has also been added by DC Design along with 2 LCD screens for the passengers sitting in the rear. For providing additional space, screen located at the center has been removed. Car roof is also available offering ambient lighting inside the car. All these features have made the car more interesting and appealing to prospective car buyers.

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