Audi plans to launch 11 new cars by 2018

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Audi, a famous car manufacturer is planning to launch not one or two but eleven cars by the end of year 2018. The company is bracing itself to launch new models with innovative technologies. An investment of Rs 1.88 lakh crore or €22 billion is being planned for this purpose. The company will also have to develop production infrastructure for this purpose in the next 5 years that matches global standard. With this large scale technical development, the German sites of the company are going to gain a lot of benefits. This is expected to be largest investment in the history of the company. The major chunk of this investment will go to Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt sites. This decision will also help in generation of a lot of jobs in the year 2014. This decision is considered to be a part of growth strategy of the company.



The company is planning to deliver 1.5 million units every year till 2015 but this figure has already been achieved in the year 2013 quite comfortably by the company. Now the company is gradually moving towards 2 million deliveries which is the next milestone for the company to achieve. This is the reason, the company is not holding anything back as far as investments are concerned and new employees are being hired in the year 2014.



The company is planning to stretch its product range to 60 distinct models from 49 models by the year 2020. The company is also developing highly fuel efficient engines in its next generation cars. Audi is known to be a premium automobile manufacturer and it is poised to launch 3rd generation Audi TT Coupe in the year 2014 which is its iconic model. The company has also made announcements regarding production of latest Audi Q1 in the year 2016.


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