Car makers Race to Introduce Driverless Cars in 2014

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Self-driving cars are no longer restricted to just sci-fi action films made a decade ago like Robot, Minority Report and I. The very idea is not just fascinating but is also based on technology and industry experts believe that the year 204 will witness a change as carmakers will race to manufacture driverless car. It is expected that many global auto companies will take stride and the driverless cars will be seen running on roads by 2025. It is reported that Nissan has aggressively planned to place the first self-driving cars or ‘SDCs’ on dealer lots by 2020  and also plans to sell it by mid-point of next decade.


Research claims that by 2035, annual sale of self driven car will be 11.8 million of which highest will be in North America (around 29%) then China (24%) followed by Western Europe (20%). Humans will be benefited immensely with the introduction of driverless cars as accidents will steeply fall down to near zero. There may be other cars that might crash with these driverless cars, but as the market share of driverless cars grows on highways, the overall accident rates are bound to decline.


Toyota-Prius-Google-AutonomousThe SDCs can b programmed efficiently in the driving patterns; this implies that traffic congestion as well as air pollution will also reduce. Studies reveal that there are few potential barriers to this self-driving car’s deployment such as software reliability and cyber security. The self-driving technology will also cost a fortune initially in between $7,000 and $10,000 price range. The prices will reduce by 2030 to 2035 as mostly self-driving vehicles will be operated completely barring the control of human drivers. It is reported that government of state of Michigan will enforce laws that permit use of new technology on roadways.

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