Mercedes Benz C-Class launch nears, engine specs revealed in 2014

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Mercedes Benz C Class’s 2014 variant is poised to be launched and before its launching, its engine variant details have been leaked. There will be 3 variants with new engine and will be available for sale by this year. Mercedes is a name reckoned with class, luxury and style. In order to meet growing expectations of the customers, the company is coming up with unique models and variants. The three variants launched by the company are C200, C220 and C250.


Different models

2.1 l turbodiesel engine is going to power C220 Bluetec. The engine will produce 168bhp power. Producing 181bhp, 2.0 l petrol engine is going to be used in C200. Conversely, 1.6 l petrol engine is going to power C180 and it will deliver 154bhp power. These engine variants will come initially and later they will be followed by 2.0 l turbocharged engine generating 208bhp available in C250. In the eco-version of C220 Bluetec, the body will be aerodynamically optimised and will come with tyres that have low rolling resistance. As far as carbon dioxide emissions are concerned, the company boasts about best in grade. 2.1 l turbo diesel engine will power C250 Bluetec and will generate 201bhp power.



Other features

9-Speed automatic transmission will be seen in all these variants. NAG3 or the gearbox is also referred to as 9G-Tronic. This feature of automatic transmission will be further carried to the C-class hybrid version. 2.1 l diesel will power C300. 4 l twin-turbo petrol V8 engine is going to power C63 AMG which will offer a power output of 494bhp and 454 bhp. Other AMG cars are expected to use this engine variant later. The new variants to be launched are eagerly awaited by the Indian customers. These variants are expected to challenge BMW-3 Series. This year is certainly going to be happening for Mercedes-Benz.

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