Super Car market sees a downtrend due to lack of infra

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In India, the market for super car market is not growing at a pace expected due to a wide array of reasons. The most important reasons are infrastructural issues and high duty structure. These two reasons have proven to be roadblocks in super car market growth. As a result of these issues, the market has slowed down considerably. Purchase plans are being shelved by sports car enthusiasts as there are no proper facilities for the maintenance of these cars. Already the market for such cars is quite limited and the reasons mentioned above are shrinking it further.


Parx Super car show

On super cars, the import duty levied by the government has reached 170% which is stunning to say the least. Furthermore, good infrastructural services and facilities like good roads are severely lacking in India. This has also posed a lot of challenges in front of this segment. Recently, the date for Parx Super Car Show 6th edition 2014 was announced. This is a popular extravaganza held in the field of high end super automobiles. The event is held only for one day and this year it will be held on 12th of January, 2014. The event is expected to attract participation from 60-65 members from all over the country.


Market strength

Presently, the strength of super car market has reached around 300 but this year the segment growth is expected to be even lower. A wide range of super cars are available these days like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce. This car shows’ sixth edition will feature some of the most talked about cars available in the world. The major attraction this year would be Hot Rod Rebel by Ford, a US Company. This car was built in the year 1932. This show will be organized by Super Car Club in partnership with Omkar realtors and developers.

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